Blockchain Consulting

    We provide essential services from the early-stage planning to listing on exchanges.


    Blockchain Marketing

    Orienting the direction to efficient marketing efforts.

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CADENA Lab works with clients in blockchain industry from the very early stage through listing on major exchanges: designing the token, operating the tokenomy and marketing it

Consulting service by CADENA Lab will help you excel in this fierce blockchain market.


CADENA Lab boasts a comprehensive and optimal consulting services in all phases including planning - designing - operating - listing of cryptocurrency.


- Business status analysis and financial statements review
- Cryptocurrency features / spec setting
- Legal opinion services and jurisdiction analysis
- Accurate and marketable white paper publication


- Budget setting
- Man-hour structuring
- Optimal security measures planning
- On-demand incorporation service in Switzerland, the U.S., etc.


- Contents creating and channel management
- Targeted viral marketing in Korea and overseas
- Holder management and meetup hosting
- Payment module production service


- ICO consulting
- Roadmap setting service
- Listing on major global exchanges
- Listing on major Korean exchanges including Bithumb, Upbit, etc.


We provide essential services from the early-stage planning to listing on exchanges.

  • Business Consulting

    Business Consulting

    Through an in-depth analysis of your business' main focus and finanaces, we offer clients advice and recommendation on each stage of the business. This is the most cruicial starting point for a successful blockchain enterprise.

  • Token Consulting

    Token Consulting

    Identifying the token feature and theme for setting optimal type and issuance. Once the planning is complete, we provide clients with the best security system to move onwards into developing the token.

  • Legal Opinion

    Legal Opinion

    A business without strong legal/ regulatory ground could be at risk anytime along the way. CADENA Lab takes proud in its legal consulting services which provide all essential legal advice based on Swiss FINMA standards.

  • White Paper

    White Paper

    White paper is inevitablly the single most important factor for VCs to make investment decisions as well as for private investors in market. CADENA Lab provides you with an A-to-Z white paper consulting service which powers your business with more credibility and transparency.

  • ICO Service

    ICO Service

    Our comprehensive consulting service includes a marketing scheme for a successful fundraising, documentations for ICO, legal and accounting advice and reaching out to potential investors.

  • Exchange Listing

    Exchange Listing

    Zeroing in on the right exchanges among thousands of them is very important. CADENA Labs assesses major exchanges and select ones that could help the clients for a positive scalablity with minimal costs and time.


Orienting the direction to efficient marketing efforts

  • Contents Creation

    Contents Creation

    We spread words to create a positive buzz in the market on platforms such as YouTube, Instagrams and other social media. CADENA Lab produces fast and insightful news articles and various media-friendly advertisements.

  • Channel Management

    Channel Management

    Regular channel managements enables businesses to attract investors in the market with more credible and transparent communications.

  • Viral Marketing

    Viral Marketing

    For a dawning awareness of client in the market, we focus on various online communities in Korea in order for an extensive expose and buzz marketing. Also, our data-driven China marketing engine focuses resources on major forums and communities.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    CADENA Lab provides clients with our holder management service so you can solely focus on your business. This is essential to signal the market positively as it places trust.

  • Meet Up Event

    Meet Up Event

    We host regular meetup events for maximum investments and holder number management. In these opportunities, clients can sit and talk with VCs and pitch the business.

  • Payment Model

    Payment Model

    In the big four convenience stores with more than 10,000 retail stores, our payment module can be used in the debit card and mobile application.